Despite having had dogs all my life, little did I know what I was letting us in for when I embarked on my cunning plan of acquiring a puppy to keep our half-grown dog company. I’ve had up to four dogs at a time in the past, but these two… wow. Just… wow. Oddly enough, this does remind me of how I felt at times when I had two small human children…

There is endless competition for food, attention, toys, space – admittedly mostly happily, although not always. The puppy’s also taken to bringing as many rocks as she can indoors every day – many of which are really far to big to fit in her mouth. She’s a determined little terror and it’s game-on as she and Molly compete for the latest rock. They chase each other around, through and over all obstacles – including people. Eventually the rocks get annexed and put out of reach to calm things down. The pile on the kitchen windowsill gets bigger every day.
windowledge rock collectionIn short, they’re a pair of unholy terrors at present, belting around the house and garden leaving a trail of chaos behind them. And that’s on the good days 😛

Gardening dogOf course, when the pups are asleep – or cuddled up beside us on the couch – or playing happily with each other without the chaos-factor – or bringing us their toys, my heart melts. Those are the moments when I remind myself about the bigger picture – the one in which they’re both a little older, Cassie’s a lot bigger, Molly’s a lot calmer. They’ll keep each other entertained and I’ll be able to abandon my various Nik-be-calm strategies. Bigger picture. Yup.

For now they’ve conked out  – the sounds of bread dough being slapped around on the kitchen bench is clearly very soothing. It’s also therapeutic 🙂Peace, however brief

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