My much loved Indi hybrid bike, aka George, combines 21-speed comfort with good suspension, tyres like a mountain bike and sit-up-straight handlebars. All of that has made for enormous fun as we’ve trundled around Perth together over the years.

George has been my window of independence for many years, even when riding a bike wasn’t possible. Knowing she was there – waiting for me whenever I needed her – made me feel safe. Silly, perhaps, but the idea of getting rid of my bike made me feel lost and less independent.

On that basis, I’ve been shilly-shalling about rehoming her for months. This, despite the fact that riding her had become increasingly difficult and she had become more part of the background garage decor than something in regular – or even intermittent – use.

After my usual New Year internal review, I created a vision board to help me to focus. Following on from this, and as a step towards being more active, I went and acquired an electric-assist bike. It had been under consideration for some time, but I’d stalled out as it seemed like taking the easy way out. Instead, it’s allowed me to actually get back to riding regularly – something that’s always been a happy-making thing.

In short, my new magical electric velocipede – let’s call her Little Bird, is working out just fine. Even if I only use the electric assist when I absolutely have to, having it makes all the difference – making the thought of the hills far less daunting and the fun of the ride all it should be.

Cycling home in the cool of the morning today, I felt relaxed and happy. Not special-reason-happy, not epiphany-standout-moment-happy… just regular smiley-type-out-on-my-bike-happy. And it was suddenly clear that it was well past time for George to stop lurking in a corner of the garage, neglected and gathering dusk. It was time  me to say goodbye and for her to  head off on new adventures to visit new places with a new human.

So this afternoon I advertised George as a free-to-a-friend bike – and she was snapped up in no time at all. As it turns out, sometimes, letting go of something can be surprisingly unstressful. Instead of feeling lost  or sad as I helped to load her into the back of her new human’s car later on, I felt pleased – both that she’ll be able to ‘keep on trucking’ and that the lass who’s taken her home was so delighted to have bike again. 

Maybe one day she’ll hand a bike on to someone else who needs one – who knows. Meantime, LittleBird and I will be out and about at every opportunity!

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