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Despite my parents’ best efforts, most people call me Nik (rather than Nicolette) – and I’m okay with that ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m lucky enough to live in Perth (Western Australia), where my partner and I share our home with two very energetic furbabies: MissMolly and Cassie. Don’t be fooled by the photo – it was taken during a lull! Theyโ€™re far more often to be found tearing around the house, paddling in the fish pond or digging trenches in the garden!

After completing my Doctorate in Sociology at Murdoch University, I continued to write โ€“ but for fun, rather than to meet deadlines. Somewhat to my surprise, it turned out to be quite addictive and โ€“ sometimes โ€“ even profitable. Teacup in the Sky is my personal blog and reflects some of my musings.

My first published work,ย Girdle of Bones is based on some fairly complicated medical history, my migration from Africa to Australia, and the personal growth that all this provided. Itโ€™s a reasonably good yarn and available as a e-book via Amazon and in paperback from Create Space.

When not working, writing or dog-wrangling, I get out on my pushbike for a ride around the โ€˜burbs or down to the river. Failing that, I have an entire garden to conquer and an endless array of craft projects lined up. My garden sheds (2) are crammed with gardening gear/chicken food/straw/potting soil and worktable/paints/mosaic essentials, respectively. Everything gets used, although not all at once.

mosaic panel_2014

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