18 months ago I was given 800g of beautifully soft natural cotton Bendigo yarn. It’s a delicious colour called pomegranate and I was sure it’d be a pleasure to knit with… but what to knit? After my usual period of procrastination, pattern hunting and visits to Ravelry, I arrived at a decision. I’ve often wished I had some sort of small, easy to transport blanket, particularly when at outdoor cinema events or sitting at my computer, so I opted to turn the yarn into a simple lap/travel rug.
knitting book
None of the patterns I found appealed to me though, and nor did the idea of knitting individual patterned squares and sewing them up. So, in the end, I devised my own idea. The bulk of the rug is worked in an Irish moss diamond stitch that I found in a great book of knitting stitches a friend gave me many years ago. I’ve used the book innumerable times when at a loss to find just the right stitch for a project – and this was no exception.

A simple corded cable (also from the book) runs along each long edge and I’m adding a plain moss stitch border all the way round to complete the design. Because sewing things up doesn’t appeal to me much, I’ve chosen to knit the rug all in one piece. It’s growing (slowly) and has been keeping me from going completely troppo whilst dog-sitting. I’m about halfway there now, so it’s also finally big enough to keep my lap toasty warm – definitely a plus.

pomegranate blanket

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