Whilst I’m certainly not leaving the Genghisverse, this weekend I waved goodbye to the 2015/16 GenghisCon Committee.

GCon_logos 2002-2016Every committee has a very busy convention year, but we went a step further. Although our committee was quite small, we forged ahead and made a large number of (what we perceived as) necessary changes to our favourite Perth convention. Many of these changes were aimed at streamlining the planning stages for future conventions and/or breaking some habits. Some of those habits started out as good ideas, but had become inculcated as ‘traditions’  over time – despite waning popularity/feasibility.

Over the past 12 months we fundraised madly, selling chocolates and entertainment books, running two very successful sausage sizzles and hosting a quiz night and a games day. As a result we were able to drop the membership fee back to its original (2002) price – which was one of our main objectives.

We also prebooked the venue for the 2017 convention, booked dates for fundraiser sausage sizzles for the incoming committee, got the insurance sorted out, updated the constitution, invented a ‘dummies guide’ to running a convention and got paypal set up. We then ran a very successful (low cost) convention — and even fed everyone icy cold watermelon!

Capture the flag (aka water fights) at GenghisCon 2016

All in all, we achieved an awful lot and are confident that we’re leaving the new committee in a strong financial and strategic position. I’m sure that – once we recover – we’ll all feel a real sense of accomplishment. A big ‘well done!’ to all involved 🙂

Ginger Akers (the new GCon President) has a great team and I’m sure they’ll do an outstanding job in the year ahead. We’re all looking forward to the next convention with great an-tici-pation…

GCon 2017 promo with minions


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