Mosaic madness

11 July 2020

It seems implausible that it’s been 5 years since I played with tiles, glue and grout to create something – but there you go! Working from home over the past months (finally!) got meΒ  to revisit some of my (unintentionally) abandoned hobbies. It’s been great to get messy and have some fun. Now to find somewhere for Mr Kookaburra to live…

14 July 2015

A little slow getting this up, but happy to announce a most successful workshop run at #10 (our place) recently. Great fun for all and a range of very attractive trivets created πŸ™‚


Mosaic workshop results – and a background crow πŸ™‚

1 June 2015

Our house number was completed a while ago and finally went up today, which will hopefully make us easier to find πŸ™‚


From concept to completion

21 Feb 2015

About a year ago I completed three mosaic projects, all enormously satisfying. One was a panel I’d been working on for ages, which is now up in our pool area and makes me smile each time I see it. The others were house numbers for a couple of friends (birthday gifts). Since then I’ve had a bit of a mosaic hiatus, spending most of my free time either writing or in the garden.

Last week, however, my delightful partner got the electrician in to connect power up to my art shed. This means I can go out there of an evening and enjoy some hands-on creative pastimes (like mosaic, linocuts, etc) when it’s nice and cool. I even have a 40W electronic insect killer up there to keep the mosquitoes at bay – all the mod cons, really.

Since it’s been a while, I’ve decided to start small to get my hand back in. The first project is to finally mosaic a number for our house. Planning is done and the first tiles are ready to go down. Looks like I’m keeping to the Willy Wagtail theme for our place πŸ™‚


Art shed – powered and ready to go

mosaic house numbers_2014

House numbers for Kai and Karen 2014


Karen’s number in place 2015

From the archives

2002 – the journey continues.

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