Mosaic bountyA creative nudge was delivered last week in the shape of a box of glass tesserae for my mosaic/craft shed.  A friend bought them on auction a few years ago, stored them away, forgot about them – and then unearthed them again in a flurry of tidying during some house renovations. Then she rang me to ask if I’d like them. Score! Particularly happy-making are the red and yellow tiles, both of which can be a little hard to come by.

My first mosaic adventure was a community project in 1998 when, under the guidance of local mosaic artist Evi Ferrrier, I added a rather haphazard gecko to the front of a building in Fremantle. It was great fun and got me hooked enough to go on a TAFE course to learn some of the things Evi hadn’t shown us. Since then I’ve completed a number of projects, including a couple of garden pavers, planter pots, a side table, a series of fruit/vegetable trivets for my veggie-group buddies, house numbers for a couple of people and a decorative frieze for our pool area.

Sample of 1998 - 2015 mosaic projects sample selectionIt’s been a year since I last ventured into the realm of mosaic – and that was to run a one day mosaic workshop for a few people, all of whom completed attractive trivets for their homes. So it’s definitely time to think about getting back to it – particularly since I now have some shiny new tesserae to play with 🙂

Mosaic workshop 2015

Plans are afoot for another decorative house number, drawings underway and decisions to be made on colours.  This stage takes a while though, so I’ll potter on with knitting my blanket and creating a bedside rug inbetween times.

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