Girdle of Bones - a box of books arrived today.A box of books arrived today!

The door bell sounded just before lunchtime today… and when I say ‘sounded’, what I mean is two dogs hurtled to the door in a frenzy of barking. They’d heard the gate open and were on the job immediately – and very loudly!

It was Australia Post with a parcel delivery. Luckily , the parcel delivery guy is well accustomed to both the volume and enthusiasm, since he drops off parcels fairly regularly for an assortment of people 🙂

This is what I found when I tore the box open: a bunch of copies of my book. I’d forgotten that I’d placed an order for a few people and for a few extras at the same time, but there they were. I felt super-authorey (despite being behind on my NaNoWriMo word count today!).

There are a few spare copies, if anyone’s interested. $25. Payment will be by bank transfer (details to be supplied), or in cash.

If you’re not  picking it up / having me drop it off, then there’ll be a small postage charge on top of that.   Let me know if you want one.

Girdle of Bones is based on some fairly complicated medical history, my migration from Africa to Australia, and the personal growth that all this provided. It’s a reasonably good yarn and available as a e-book via Amazon and in paperback from Create Space. The terrific cover art is by Lisa Rye.